Tomb of Horror Character Creation

Starting Level – 14th (dual/multi class allowed)

Classes/ Races - Any race/class in published WotC material.

Starting GP – 15,000 gp per character (can also be used for purchase of common and uncommon scrolls/potions above starting magic items).  Remember to pay for spell components.

Starting Magic Allowance per character * -  

2 Very Rare
3 Rare
5 Uncommon
8 Common
* 3 Item Attunement Limit

Be sure to check campaign folder for price lists of magic components and items.

Don’t forget Hirelings/Henchmen Price Per Day by CR Level

Monster Manual’s Appendix B: Nonplayer Characters
The Kings Army.pdf in campaigns folder
NPCs.pdf in campaigns folder
RPG Tinker

D&D 5E: Tomb of Horrors

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